In today’s highly competitive economy, unwavering accuracy in patient-reported and clinical assessments from language to language and culture to culture is absolutely essential.


No one knows that better than the linguistic validation experts at the MAPI Institute; here more than 20 languages are spoken fluently. The services of our in-house staff of experts is enhanced by a professional network of over 1,000 multilingual speakers around the world with extensive backgrounds in medical matters. Working together, we’re able to provide unmatched expertise in the translation and linguistic validation of Patient-Reported Outcomes (PRO) instruments for cross-cultural use and interpretation.

The MAPI Institute is a truly global company—serving clients’ needs in over 135 countries—and in a unique position vs. our competitors. Our language experts work closely with authors and developers, pharmaceutical firms and academic researchers to produce target language versions that are conceptually equivalent to original source instruments. Without such documents, accurate data pooling and/or comparisons across countries is virtually impossible.

You can learn more about our unique brand of linguistic validation and a wide range of other services right here on our new website.